Remember when… it was MAYBE FOREVER


Photo Credit: Chis Van de Burght

Remember when… it was MAYBE FOREVER

By Rosie Trump

Meg Stuart & Philipp Gehmacher MAYBE FOREVER at REDCAT Sept. 25, 2009

MAYBE FOREVER  begins with two figures, barely visible in the dimmest of glows, low and leaning so close and not yet touching.  The opening duet  writhes, entwines, and recoils– unfolding either deep in the embryonic embrace of a womb or restlessly atop a lover’s lumpy mattress.  Co-choreographed by Stuart and Gehmacher with tender serenades by live accompanist Niko Hafkenscheidmy, MAYBE FOREVER is a haunting and pale poem of awkward confession and romantic loss.

The evening is thick with spurts, then hollows of  memory and gesture.  With an unusual soft floor, the stage is covered in grey velvet and arched in black curtains creating a crisp sonic envelope.  Episodes of movement sketch an unsettled still life layered with melancholy and anxiety.  Cutting to the quick, Stuart’s sentimental recitations ask “remember when…I sent you that postcard… when I said I wish you were here…” and then coldly reports “I take it back.”  A wrenching proclamation for a lover’s revenge.  The most satisfying dancing emerges as aggressive physical partnering, choreographically representing the raw assault and ache which resounds in the aftermath of intimacy.

By the end of the work, I felt fatigued- not purged.  The unrequited wins out and the desperation of loss is left stumbling around searching for his next step.   Leaving the theater, I was reminded of personal maybes and remember whens,  as my own ghosts tugged at my heart and escorted me to my car.


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